Investment Strategy

As a safe investment with excellent medium and long term growth prospects prime residential UK property has few equals. London Property outperforms the rest of the UK, and London Prime outperforms the rest of London.
Prime Residential Property also outperforms equities, commodities and gold.

The drivers of this excellent performance are set to continue:

UK is a safe haven for investment: Open and non-corrupt legal system and a stable democratic system

UK property market has substantial benefits over other locations:

  • Clear laws of title
  • Excellent transparency of pricing
  • Limited supply – tight planning controls limit the supply of property

Strong demand will continue to make London prime residential property a commercial focus nationally and internationally.

London itself is also dynamic, multicultural, and the home of a large financial industry. A very desirable place to live for the very wealthy.

Annavas Investments’ mission is to make this high potential asset class directly accessible to institutional investors for the first time, using innovative Alternative Investment products.