The Founding Partners behind Annavas Investments LLP, who will manage the fund on behalf of the investors, have a combined 50+ years experience in the London residential and commercial property market.

The Partners investments and careful management have built a portfolio of properties which has consistently beaten the market in terms of rental income and growth.

The total portfolio from 2007 to 2014 delivered a CAGR of 8%

Their 2007 investment delivered a CAGR of 25% over the same period.

This expertise will be applied to the Annavas Prime Residential Investment Fund to the benefit of the investors.

Kieran Sheedy

Founding Partner

A Chartered Architect (RIAI) who has successfully project managed the development of luxury residential properties, golf courses, and commercial properties in the UK and Ireland. Experience in working with planning departments, developers and local pressure groups on projects. Has dealt with planning objections and successfully designed solutions to overcome difficult planning issues. Qualified Project Manager with successfully managing,  monitoring, and assuring multi-million pound projects to run on time and within budgets across a number of industries. An experienced negotiator at board level on projects with values of greater than £250m.

Rhea Sheedy

Founding Partner

Managed refurbishment projects for large hotel chains for a Building Contractor group. Driving multi-million projects from sales through to the selection and management of interior design companies. Marketing and sales with a UK exclusive kitchen refurbishment company. Dealing with multiple wholesale and retail kitchen installation projects. Managing a private portfolio of properties in London for the last 20 years. Market research and relationships with Estate Agents used to secure excellent capital growth and rental income. Her business model includes management of refurbishment to create further value in both capital and rental returns. Managing rental process and maintaining back office to comply with letting regulations. Strong background in establishing new businesses from conception to reality in a variety of industries. From start up through to sale as going concerns to private and corporate buyers.

Charles Grant

Investments Manager

Charlie has extensive experience setting up an running alternative investment funds across a range of asset classes and strategies, from M&A Arbitrage in Emerging Markets to Quantitative based funds trading developed markets.  For the last eight years he has held the role of Chief Operating Officer in London based hedge fund management companies.  Prior to this, for six years he worked within the fixed income and equity departments of Morgan Stanley.  Charlie has an in-depth understanding of alternative investment funds and the legal and regulatory framework in which they operate.